Dolan 400 Series TD445

Dolan 400 Series TD445

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All Dolan Tools are individually made from high carbon knife steel, firmly set in hand-turned hardwood handles with brass rivets or ferrules.

  • Handles are soaked in an oil/resin bath to make them moisture resistant.
  • Each tool is hand sharpened. All tools are guaranteed and designed to take a lot of hard work!
  • When not in use, tools should be kept clean and dry. Even a simple wiping with a cloth will work. A light coat of oil applied to both the steel and wood handle from time to time is recommended.
  • Dolan tools may be resharpened if they begin to dull. We recommend using a whetstone to bring edges back to original keenness. Do not use power grinders or files as they will permanently damage the carbon steel.

The mid-range line of professional cutting tools are made from high carbon steel, have brass ferrules, and hand-turned hardwood handles that are sealed against moisture. These tools are used to trim, slice and shape clay. They are permanently bonded with industrial strength adhesive. 6“ overall length, 3/4” diameter loops.