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Kiln Firing Services

Kiln Firing Services

Community Kiln Firings

Access to a kiln is a major barrier for creatives wanting to try ceramics for the first time. We offer pay-per-fire services so artists can fire ceramics locally. Check out the pricing details below.

Kiln Details:

The Blok DSM fires in a Scutt KMT 1227 Electric kiln. We offer community firings and charge per shelf. See our pricing guide and shelf diagram below.

1/4 Shelf 1/2 shelf 3/4 shelf Full Shelf
Bisque Fire (Cone 06) $15 $30 $45 $60
Glaze Fire (Cone 6) $20 $40 $60



How it works:

You may drop off work for firing during regular business hours. We will take your contact information and notes on what clay bodies or glazes you've used. If you do not know the brand or make of your materials we may be unable to take your work. If you have any questions about whether your work will be accepted, feel free to give us a call.

At drop off one of our staff will give you an estimated pick-up date and collect payment. Presently we fire the kiln as our carts fill, and alternate glaze and bisque firings. If your estimated pick up date changes we will contact you.

When we fire client work we take extreme care in handling and firing, including a required candling time on all firings. Even with this caution kiln accidents may occur. Please be aware when firing with us that your work will be fired alongside other clients.

If you have any questions on kiln firing give us a call or shoot us a message! You're also welcome to call ahead before dropping off new work.

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