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3D Design + Fabrication

3D Design + Fabrication

Not everything can be bought, sometimes good ideas require a little creative design. Let us support you in your next project. The Blok is outfitted for small scale production using 3D printers, CNC carving, woodworking, and more. Check out some of our projects below for inspiration.

Sample Projects:

  • Piano Bits: A local piano tuner and musician needed small replacement pieces for the hammers of his pianos. Previously he was making them by hand, now he stops in one a month to order a batch from us. We charged an upfront design fee, and when he needs another set we charge for materials and time only.
  • Sculptural Support: A local artist needed specialty molds for resin casting. She couldn't make them by hand, so she worked with us to design an inverse clam-shell mold which we we carved from HDPE and assembled. Now she can create hundreds of the same piece which she assembles into abstract sculptures.

  • Simple Storage: A photographer needed a custom shelf made that could fit over-top of her flat file cabinet and hold large rolls of backdrop paper. We designed and built a simple structural shelf out of plywood that suited her needs.


Custom fabrication pricing varies significantly depending on your project. Stop in the store to talk about your big ideas.

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