Stoneware Casting Slip

Stoneware Casting Slip

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All of our casting clays have perfect pouring consistency that allows for quick set up and easy release from the mold.

  • Our popular low fire clay pours and cleans easily and is white when fired.
  • Our new stoneware and porcelain slips cast even the most challenging shapes with ease.
  • Stoneware slip is gray-beige
  • Porcelain slip is vibrant white.
  • Recommended bisque firing is cone 04 and glaze firing to 06-05.  
  • Can be recycled.

Firing range from cone 06 to 1:

Low Fire            Cone 06-1

Stoneware         Cone 5-6

Porcelain           Cone 5-6    


Want instructions on getting started with casting slip?  Download the article below: